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What is HP DaaS and Why Does It Matter?

As purchasing habits shift over time, new trends emerge in how people prefer to pay for products. The most recent shift? Product-as-a-service.

Instead of buying CDs and creating a physical collection of music, consumers are leaning more toward music streaming services such as Spotify® or Pandora®. The same pattern has emerged with movie streaming services, rideshare apps, and video editing software.

HP®’s DaaS stands for Device-as-a-Service. This means that instead of buying a device for the office (such as a desktop computer or tablet) and managing it yourself, the HP DaaS service will source, support, and manage all devices for you.

What is HP DaaS?

With HP DaaS, you get more than a piece of technology - you get a team to manage it. With multiple tiers of flexible plans to choose from, you can choose exactly what services make the most sense for your company.

Manage multiple operating systems

Start by selecting from a wide range of devices and accessories that are offered as a service instead of a purchasable product. Have several different operating systems throughout the company?

Not a problem. HP DaaS can easily service multiple operating systems at once so you can keep employees happy with the tech that best gets the job done.

Monitor devices and analyze data

Apart from leasing out devices, HP Device-as-a-Service consolidates sophisticated analytic data to help monitor the health and productivity of each device. Whether you choose to let your IT team manage the HP TechPulse insights or pass it off to our skilled HP service experts, you can stop problems before they start.

Conserve IT Resources

Instead of wasting valuable IT resources fixing a computer virus from spreading across the office, nip the threat in the bud with advanced security alert software. Understand what applications are being used the most by employees, and identify programs or devices that are no longer efficient.

Customizable for specific needs

With versatile and customizable plans, you can manage your devices through every stage of their lifecycle to boost efficiency in all levels of your business. HP DaaS offers a complete solution that combines hardware, analytics, support, and device management all in one simple service.

How can HP DaaS improve productivity and decrease excess spending?

Troubleshoot Early

It’s no secret that IT problems can bog down employees with annoying technical glitches. With HP DaaS, the insightful analytics reports for each device can help spot problems before they waste valuable company time. Troubleshoot issues with remote assistance, provide security updates across devices, and deploy applications to streamline office productivity.

Flexible Plans

The simplicity and flexibility of HP DaaS plans allow you to offload day-to-day device management onto expert HP tech support. Allow your in-house team to focus on bigger picture issues that can take your company to the next level.

Even if you don’t choose a plan that involves help from HP service experts, your team will still gain valuable tools to make managing multi-OS devices a total breeze.

Decrease Waste

Not to mention, the HP DaaS program can reduce spending and keep your budget on track when you know exactly what to expect. Maximize your resources and decrease wasteful purchases with easy one-price-per-device financial plans.

Since HP DaaS eliminates your need to get devices, support, and repair services from separate vendors, you can more accurately optimize your IT budget to keep the workflow running smoothly.

Is HP DaaS helpful for both large and small companies?

Yes, HP Device-as-a-Service is incredibly useful for companies of any size. Whether you own a startup or a massive corporation, it’s paramount that the technology you use on a daily basis helps advance business growth instead of hindering it.

Outsource your help desk, lease equipment for a uniform employee experience, or simply get rid of the headache of dealing with multiple vendors; whatever the reason, HP DaaS makes the IT department more efficient.

Depending on what you need to help your company thrive, there are three separate plans that can take your device management to the next level. These include:

  • Standard Plan: If you already have a self-managed IT team or third party responsible for security updates, application management, and device troubleshooting, this may be the plan for you. Take advantage of the world-class devices HP® has to offer and implement smarter services using analytics and reports.
  • Enhanced Plan: When you want to transfer device and security management off the shoulders of your IT team, consider upgrading to this plan. HP service experts will provide remote assistance for all the issues that prevent IT from shooting for the stars. Get extra hardware support and customer success management to ensure you make the most out of HP DaaS.
  • Premium Plan: This plan is ideal for companies who want to get the most sophisticated device security and application management on the market. An increased level of support by HP service experts guarantees your tech will utilize the most advanced services to streamline your enterprise.

Is now the right time for HP DaaS?

Almost always, the answer is yes. As remote employees grow in numbers, cybercrime increases, and the capabilities of phones and laptops skyrocket, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in HP DaaS. This centralized solution offers everything you need to efficiently manage a fleet of devices that range in complexity and security.


For example, think about the healthcare industry. With so much sensitive information stored on dozens if not hundreds of devices, having a single service to troubleshoot, repair, secure, and upgrade these devices will protect individual privacy and consolidate complex systems.


Unlike many other tech vendors, HP DaaS is designed to provide ongoing support that understands the unique needs of your business. Constant touch points between HP DaaS and your IT department deliver a reliable, personal level of service that lightens the load at all levels of the corporate ladder.

Employee satisfaction

Employee retention should rise thanks to the flexible and efficient systems offered by HP DaaS. Clunky, outdated tech will no longer frustrate employees, allowing companies to keep the most creative individuals on the team.

As the number of millennial and Gen Z workers rise, HP DaaS will provide a tech interface they’re familiar with and ensure a smooth transition between the digital and analog generations.

HP’s Device-as-a-Service program is the IT solution of the future. Go to work without worrying about device management, and get ready to see productivity soar.

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